Mildura Wastewater TP Carousel Refurbish

Design and Refurbishment of Mildura Wastewater Treatment Plant to remediate the various cracks and leaks in the Carousel. 

  • Date: Completed Sep 2019
  • Client: Lower Murray Water
  • Project Type: Design & Construction
    Project Value: Upon request

About this Project

Mildura Waste Water Treatment Plant is the primary waste water treatment plant. The scope of the project was to repair a total of 26 joints as identified during an audit by the EPA. A combination of ‘Combiflex’ and ‘Flex Seal’ sealants were used in the remediation process which are both high performance joint and crack sealing systems for construction joints, expansion (movement) joints and connection joints or cracks. This system allows variable and high levels of movement in one or more directions, whilst maintaining a high-quality watertight seal.

This included the following activities – 

  • Investigations, plans and permits, design
  • Hazard identification and risk mitigation techniques
  • HAZOP workshops
  • Analysis of each crack and optimized remedial solution
  • Verification and monitoring post refurbishment

EDA was engaged to provide Project management services and undertake contract administration work, assessment of contractor documents and plans, claims, variations, day-to-day activities of the project. Liaise with internal and external stakeholders in facilitating progress meetings, design and document reviews.


Key Achievements

  • Contractors were required to work in a confined space in a 4 metre hole to be able to apply the products. Their safety and fatigue were both monitored closely to avoid any incidents.
  • Successfully completed Defect investigations, Design, Procurement and Construction of the Project
  • Preparation and Endorsement of Project Plans and Procedures including, Project Management Plan, Risk Management Plan, Procurement Management Plan, Resource Management Plan etc.
  • Risk Management by conducting Risk Workshops, Identifying risks, identifying and implementing mitigation strategies

Delivery of the Project

  • within the program approved budget and 3 weeks ahead of time
  • without any disruptions to the client’s operational activities
  • without any safety incident, LTI’s and MTI’s
  • without any environmental incidents
  • without any damage to the third party assets
  • without any infringements or NCR’s from local, state and federal authorities

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